Author Topic: 6 part serialisation of the Olympus development  (Read 2400 times)

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6 part serialisation of the Olympus development
« on: February 10, 2012, 06:50:30 PM »
This first article - - was fascinating and explained how the Germans were able to develop their jet fighter during the war years before the E28/39 took to the air, scandalous for the sake of a £5.00 renewal fee for the patent!
I'm looking forward to the next five episodes.

As we are holding joint fundraising events with the Jet Age Museum it would be very good, and appropriate, if they could get a mention at some time. They are keeping the memory of Whittle and his heritage of aviation links with Gloucester alive and during 2012 (in May) will break ground on their new museum premises.
The Jet Age Museum have completed a FULL SCALE replica of the E28/39 and work is almost finished on a Gamecock restoration.

(Grandson Lennon in the foreground! in the background is John Lewer, Chairman of the J.A.M. and also former Avro Vulcan Navigator)
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