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Mangaging your regular weekly newsletters.
« on: August 13, 2012, 03:45:33 PM »
The following is a quick guide to give you the best out of receiving regular updates via email.

The TRUST issues free and informative email newletters on a Tuesday and Friday. Although they might contain Club information, these are published by the Trust, to whom you should send any enquiries or content. Write to:

Updating Records - Change of Email.
Visit the same page above and add your new address. Make sure you are receiving them before visiting the same page again. Scroll lower down to the botton 'unsubscribe' option and enter your old address to prevent continued sends to an unmonitored or old account.

Not receiving to a pre-registered address? Check your spam box, filters or anti-virus software. Whitelist or set to receive:

Back to your own email and no newsletters: No matter how many times you submit the same address, it stays on the unsubscribe list. We have to manually remove it to allow distribution again. In this case, write to

Unsubscribing To stop receiving emails to any nominated address, visit the sign-up page, scroll down to the bottom and use the unsubscribe function.

Thank you.
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