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Use of Official VTST Trademarks on Merchandise
« on: July 28, 2010, 12:55:04 PM »
Use of Official VTST Trademarks and endorsements of goods and /or services

XH558, Vulcan to the Sky and the Vulcan planform and any combination thereof are registered trademarks of Vulcan to the Sky Trust.

The production of merchandise in support of XH558 is a vital source of income.

Vulcan to the Sky Enterprises (VTSE), the trading company of Vulcan to the Sky Trust, produces Merchandise and sells directly via Shows or from the official Web Store located off these pages under "shop." We also supply our goods to the Club for sale at events they attend. The VTS Club also has a privileged position, in that it is granted free use of the Trademarks on its own goods, produced with the aim of supporting the Trust and XH558. The range of these goods is made in joint consultation between Trust and the VTS Club.

VTSE also sets in place from time to time agreements with manufacturers and service providers of individual items outside this range. In return for the use of Official Trademarks or Official endorsement, an agreed commission is paid to the Trust. This ensures Trademarks are controlled, maintaining the value and quality of the brand image.

We therefore constantly monitor the selling of any unauthorised products that infringe our Trademarks or dilute the income to us as a charity. This is also to protect as possible the interests of our many supporters, who wish to know their purchases actually benefit us directly.

Any companies who wish to have their goods or services considered should contact:

The decision on granting or use of Trademarks and endorsement of goods and services rests ultimately with the Trust. We will vigorously police any unauthorised use of these Trademarks or the company name, not only to fulfil its legal obligations, but to maintain the quality and value of what is a very valuable Trust Asset.

Michael Trotter
Business Development Director

Contact details:

1/2 Venture Court,
Dodwells Road,
LE10 3BT.

Tel: 0845 5046 558
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