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Sorry - Another question
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:20:51 PM »
Today I was asked if the fuel control panel, the one underneath the throttle console that you pull out to transfer fuel to trim the aircraft, was to do with the refuelling role.

I said no, it was common on all Vulcans and explained about the 14 fuel tanks etc..... But it did make me think. Was there extra controls for refuelling when Vulcans were used in the tanker role? If so does anyone have a photograph of those controls.

PLUS - when being refuelled where did the fuel go, to a particular tank or could this be controlled by the co-pilot?

Thanks again for any assistance.

P.S. XM569 had a varied career, 1963-65 Blue Steel, 1965 converted to free fall (plus TFR, engines upgrade etc.), she was also MRR and Tanker but I don't have dates for them at the moment.
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