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« on: October 12, 2015, 03:08:21 PM »
Quink Deicide

A rippling ocean of humanity assembled with one intent -
pained homage to their Champion whose time is nearly spent.

A myriad expectant faces gaze up and move as one,
anticipating audience with an entity that’s bound to stun.

A distant shadow grows, materialising against autumn skies.
Dark Angel approaches, a feast for countless eyes.

Majestic Leviathan trails cloak of fleet eclipse –
small clue this aged beauty once bore Apocalypse.

Sage wisdom is dispensed to the unwary in the crowd,
Cover your ears love, this will be very, very loud!

The stentorian performer’s stage is primed and set –
pilgrims are rewarded with famed Olympus Quartet.

Deafening these admirers, the bellicose veteran roars.
With unexpected alacrity, it howls then heavenward soars.

Left in its wake a sea of awed smiles and
the sound of every car alarm for several miles.

Toddlers may cry or scream but the older child will find
a career as a Pilot now foremost in their mind.

The distant Delta’s ascent peaks then earthward slowly slips,
admiring exclamations leak from thousands of pairs of lips.

Tight turn completed, the ground starts again to tremble
as The God of Fire & Forge returns to this vast Temple.

Another savoured pass and steep climb toward cloud –
dread Banshee wail falls onto the gathered crowd.

The young cannot comprehend how we feared our world would burn
but mighty VULCAN, and its kind, defended us in turn.

Rare Alchemists, Magicians, took aluminium and steel.
They forged and wrought fastidiously with great skill and greater zeal.

The fruit of Chadwick's labours, then science’s greatest feat,
wingéd Holocaust no enemy could dare hope beat.

Soaring in on Dragon’s wings, billowing Dragon’s breath,
stealthily conveying superheated molten death.

Infusing menace with raw power makes for an unforgiving steed.
Wrestling to rein in this beast, brave charioteers take heed!

Taming the Behemoth, a task from which they did not balk.
Finally obedience - rolling over for Master Falk.

Generations were protected by this loyal lethal shield;
dignified, fearless and resolved never to yield.

For decades standing defiant against the ferocious Great Red Bear.
Withers and crew cowed invaders from icy Atlantic air.

Gratitude has a shelf-life and a value measured by the £Pound,
VULCAN could no longer earn its keep and was finally brought to ground.

Born anew, XH558 took once more to the air –
so a new generation in this spectacle could share.

TVOC, Pleming, Walton's worked this miracle for the Nation.
The grateful public rewarded this feat with rekindled adoration.

Yet this revered old campaigner could not be saved from the enemy within,
as the bean-counters colluded in an unforgivable sin.

Not all Assassins carry poisoned daggers, some wear suit & tie.
They smile and ooze platitudes as they manoeuvre, scheme and lie.

We must think of the balance sheet, share-price, risk . . . ” and then,
history’s greatest ever Warrior is brought low by a Mont Blanc pen.

With this final bittersweet procession over lands it was conceived to defend;
magnificent, unsurpassable VULCAN fades back into legend.

CMW - Oct 2015

My Salute to the last airworthy Avro Vulcan nuclear bomber XH558, as well as some of the figures who have played key roles in its history. This meticulously restored aircraft is immensely popular but has been forced into early retirement from flight by several essential Technical Authority companies withdrawing their support.

This is first, and probably my only ever, attempt at prose as it's a topic that is very close to my heart.