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Knock Out Kaine - Cruel Britannia
« on: March 22, 2016, 03:44:41 PM »
Well, it's 2016 and so far it's shaping up to be one we'll remember for all the wrong reasons.

Our old girl's retired, we've lost Lemmy, David Bowie, Keith Emerson and Glenn Frey. Status Quo are hanging up their Telecasters and Fish is looking to retire by the end of 2017. The world of Classic Rock is looking very bleak indeed.

There is hope, however. Our good friends Knock Out Kaine are back with their new E.P. Cruel Britannia.

Coming just a year after their monumental second album, Rise Of The Electric Jester, the four tracks here show the fantastic potential of a band that means serious business.

The opening track, Cruel Britannia, is a firing on all cylinders, storming hard rock anthem. The humourous yet brutal lyrics, delivered by a brilliant performance by Dean Foxx, are a no holds barred attack aimed at the government and big businesses. The virtuoso guitar of Jimmy Bohemian soars over the top of the thundering rhythm section of Lee Byrne and Danny Krash.

Love The Way You Hate is a singalong classic. It's complex yet solid rhythms showcase the band's acoustic based side.

Going Down, from the album House Of Sins, has been given a complete overhaul and highlights the band's versatility.

The last track, a faithful cover version of Steve Earle's classic, Copperhead Road is a master stroke.

With a new album already being planned for later in the year, it's exciting times for the band. Let's hope they start to get the recognition they so richly deserve for all their hard work.

The E.P. can be ordered directly from their record company. The price of £5 (plus £1 P&P) is a very reasonable.