Author Topic: Searching for Bill Briggs (Engine Fitter, Waddington)  (Read 1866 times)

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Searching for Bill Briggs (Engine Fitter, Waddington)
« on: January 05, 2017, 08:40:52 PM »
If Bill Briggs, or anyone who knows him, is reading this Al Allcroft and Ted Cossins have been searching for him!
Bill was Sgt Engine Fitter (ex 86th entry Halton Apprentice) who worked with us on Vulcan Line Squadron at Waddington in the late 1960's
If you're out there Bill pm me on:-
Best wishes aye.
Alistair   C:-)

ps I am told Bill made contribution to the VTTS but I can't find any record of this?  Location where he may be could be helpful.
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