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How to load photos onto topics in the forum
« on: September 08, 2011, 10:04:51 PM »
As promised in a topic elsewhere here is a rough guide on posting photos to the forum. I’ve used photobucket as an example because that’s where I have an account but other sites are available. I’ve created screenshots to help to show the process

1:First of all select the photos you want to upload and I normally put them all into one folder together edited as necessary and ready to go. Personally I either size them at 1024 pixels or 800 otherwise the files are very large. This forum seems to trim the edges above 800 pixels so unless I want to really show the detail I go for 800 and they load up quicker as well. – here’s a screen shot of the files ready to be uploaded in a folder on my computer:

2: Next thing to do is to sign into photobucket, from here on if you are using another photo hosting site I’m afrad I can’t help you much  and you will have to generate your codes and then pick it up from slide 15, anyway assuming you’re using photobucket for now go to and select sign in – if you haven’t got account you will have to go through the sign up process first.

3: Once photobucket is open either select the album you want to post directly into OR create a sub album within an existing one, I am going to do that just to show how it’s done. I’ve got a separate album for all my photos for each month (in this case Aircraft Sept 11) and then sub albums within each month for different sets  Select all albums (circled) and navigate to the one you want as the host album for your new album:

4: now select organise from the menu:

5: And the page will appear with the album tree shown on the left, select ‘create album’ as shown

6: name your new album – I’ve called mine cosbymodels (because that’s what it contains!) and tick the box to say that you want it as a sub album of the parent one , in this case Aiercraft Sept 11. (you can select any parent album from the drop down). When you’ve done that and checked you have the correct parent album click ‘add album’

7: the new album will now appear but for the moment it’s empty but we will now upload some photos to it, click the green upload now button on the first row of menu buttons

8: When you see the screen below, navigate through the album tree to the album you want to host the photos in. in this case cosbymodels:

9: now click on the green ‘Select photos to upload button’ and a file box will open fthrough which you will need to navigate to the folder with the photos in it created in the first screen shot, when you reach that folder, select the photos to upload by clicking and dragging the cursor over them so they are highlighted

10: click open and the files will start to upload and this screen will appear

11: and  when the files are uploaded it will change to this:

12: further down the same page you will see these 2 boxes, firstly stick the select all box and then from the drop down menu select generate link codes for selected

13: photobucket will then generate the codes and this page will appear as an overlay, left click on the box titled full size

14: and the box will turn yellow and say copied:

15: at this point the codes will only be saved on your mouse so I copy them onto a word document for safe keeping for now:

16: and once they are saved on a document  , close the overlay by clicking on the cross in the top right corner

17: now it’s time to post the pictures to the forum, you may want to post them as a reply to an existing topic e.g. into the photo competition , OR you may want to create a new topic as I am doing here by selecting NEW TOPIC:

18: first add a title to the topic (it won’t load without one), then copy and paste the image codes into the post

19: now add any text you want to accompany the photos and move the images into a preferred order if desired. A little tip here, I usually create all my text and put the image codes in where I want them in a word document (I’m doing it now) and then copy and paste the whole lot. That does 2 things: 1- it gives you a back up copy in case it fails to load and 2- if you hit a wrong button whilst typing you don’t lose everything  but you can do it either way – your choice

20: Almost there now, the moment of truth!  Click ‘Submit ‘ at the bottom of the text box – just as you would any normal post AND – your post , complete with phots should appear thus:

21: all that remains now is to close photobucket – I wait until I know the photos have loaded successfully as in the screenshot above just in case I need to re-copy the image codes for any reason

And that should be that! – if I’ve missed anything or you have some useful tips please feel free to add them as a reply to this topic. Have fun
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