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To aid fundraising for the #SaveOurVulcan campaign, we are launching the inaugural National & International Vulcan Coffee Morning that we invite everyone from all over the nation, indeed, from all over the world, to join us. Invite friends, bake cakes, bake Vulcan biscuits, enjoy a relaxing few hours and help raise money by donating proceeds to our Just Giving page - or create your own.

Read on to see how you and your family can take part.

Create cakes and Vulcan Cookies ready for the day to enjoy with your favourite brew from either your own recipes, some of the ones provided here, or submit your own special mix and get baking ahead of the day to practice! Who does not like to bake?

Submit your pictures below - you can even use our great Vulcan Cookie Cutter to get really into the spirit of helping Vulcan XH558.

Invite family and friends to take-part and get involved. Invite them to your house for Saturday 25th February from 10am and let's have a great Vulcan Coffee morning with people joining in from all over the world. We will have live updates on the day and invite you to also share details from your own event. 

Follow the build-up and the day itself on social media with the dedicated hashtag #VulcanBake17   

The purpose of the day is to spread awareness of Vulcan XH558 and to raise money by placing any donations you receive on the
XH558 Survival Appeal Just Giving page. 


If you would like to create a separate fundraising page to support this event for your own family or town and receive sponsorship from relatives, friends or neighbours, then do visit our easy-step guide here:

Just Giving makes it easy for you to set up any event so that your friends and family can sponsor you, you can contact them to let them know, and they will collect all money for you. See the link below for more details.

All proceeds from the day are to support #SaveOurVulcan You can help now by donating below:
Visit again soon to find out more details.  
Get ready, Get baking .... Get fundraising!

If Coffee mornings aren't your thing - create your own event for this cause that is!  - CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

Vulcan is a registered trademark of BAE Systems plc. Vulcan to the Sky and XH558 are trademarks of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust.

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