Last month, we held a navigational challenge competition, aimed at supporting the newest member of XH558's crew - Chadwick. You can find out more here and compare your answers to the ones Martin had on the examination papers.

Thanks to your support, Chadwick is now onboard the aircarft and you can see him whenever XH558 is on the ground at air shows or with a good camera lens whilst in the air, as he will take up his position in the Bomb-aimers blister, alongside Guy the Gibbon.

As we have yet to make contact with all the winners, we will now announce their names in Tuesday's News Bytes edition (28th June) of our regular newsletters.


Here are the answers:

Question 1:1 - What was your Transponder code for this special mission?: 4605

Question 2:1 - Your flight took you to an airfield with a aircraft parked up that is well known to your instructor. Name that airfield? : RAF Waddngton

Question 3:1 - Name the type and registration of the aircraft you saw? : Avro Vulcan XM607

Question 4:1 - On the route back, you will have passed overhead a city well known for links to XH558 and Vulcans. What is the major landmark that identifies this City?: Lincoln cathedral

Question 5:1 - Your final reporting point when switching to Robin Hood tower was overhead which town?: Gainsborough

Question 6:1 - If your average indicated airspeed indicated 100 mph throughout - what was your approximate journey time from overhead the field to landing?: 45 minutes


Question 1:2 - What is your transponder code for this mission?: 4858

Question 2:2 - What is the major ATC unit you should talk to when outbound from Robin Hood and at 5,000 feet?: Manchester

Question 3:2 - One reporting point is famous for a certain type of liquid product - what is it?: Buxton- Mineral water

Question 4:2 - The white aircraft you identify is at what Airfield?: Woodford

Question 5:2 - What is the aircraft’s registration number?: XM603

Question 6:2 - What town is reporting point 4?: Leek

Question 7:2 - What is the stately home you pass on the return journey?: Chatsworth House

Question 8:2 - The largest built up area passed twice in this routing is most famous for making what type of material?:  Sheffield - Steel

Question 9:2 - If you started engines at 14:00 and shutdown at 15:20, what is your total fuel burn when consuming an average of 33 litres of fuel per hour?: 44 litres

Question 1:3 - Outbound on the first leg northwards, you pass a ‘prickly’ town, what is its name?: Thorne

Question 2:3 - After your first turning point, what name makes you a little frightened?: Goole (Ghoul)

Question 3:3 - What is the large bridge you see on this part of the flight?: Humber Bridge

Question 4:3 - When level with the headland, what famous resort have you just passed?: Cleethorpes

Question 5:3 - What is the town called that is your next turning point?: Louth

Question 6:3 - Name the racecourse you pass?: Market Rasen

Question 7:3 - Why might you need to climb higher?: Engine noise could scare the horses

Question 8:3 - After your last tuning point, you overfly a river - what is it called?: River Trent



Question 1:4 - What was your transponder code for this mission?: 4558

Question 2:4 - What is the major town you overfly after 11 miles?: Gainsborough

Question 3:4 - 8 miles further on, you come abeam which town?: Retford

Question 4:4 - Where is the major intersection of 6 roads?: Newark-on-Trent

Question 5:4 - Which conurbation is ‘dead on the nose’ at this point?: Nottingham

Question 6:4 - As you come round onto the ILS, what racetrack do you see on the approach?: Donington Park

Question 7:4 - What is this Airfield called?: East Midlands Airport

Question 8:4 - What well known aircraft do you see in the missed approach?: Avro Vulcan

Question 9:4 - What is its registration?: XM575

Question 10:4 - On the return journey, your route takes you overhead a small airfield associated with which major aerospace company?: Hucknall - Rolls Royce

Question 11:4 - In which local city is this company based?: Derby

Question 12:4 - What is the association with XH558?: Built XH558's Olympus engines


Thank you all for taking part!