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by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General

images from the early 90s

Our thanks to regular reader, Richard Green from Great Wryley, in South Staffordshire, for writing in with a set of images taken by his son Gary, in the early nineties. Richard picks up the story. 

Dear Sir, 

It was nice to see the article about the last flight of Meteor WM167 into Bruntingthorpe (see our article here) and the photos by Robert Feeley. Robert, my son Gary and myself have been to many occasions such as this over many years, i.e. last operational/delivery flights etc, of Lightning, Vulcan, Victor, Nimrod R1, Concorde, Harrier, VC 10, Tristar, and many activities at operational airfields. Great Times.

You might be interested in some photos my son Gary took of WM167 [and Vampire, Gnat and Hunter] at what I think might have been the last airshow at RAF Valley, sometime early nineties. Valley was one of the best locations to see military aircraft what with ACPs, visiting aircraft etc, you expect almost anything to show up.

All images courtesy of Gary Green

Yes, great times indeed!

Many thanks indeed for sending these in for all to see.

If you have similar memories or photographs to share – we would love to see them.

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