January Engineering Update

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: Engineering


Well this year has started the same way as we finished the last, another month indoors carrying out the Anti-Dets with a little trip outside for 558 to blow away the cobwebs and stretch her legs. While outside we had a little photo shoot with Subaru for their promotional activities before the run which went as smooth as usual.

There has been quite a bit of activity for our Engineers this month but not on the aircraft but with the launch of our education program. They have been preparing various pieces to assist in the explanation of engineering and the varying aspects of flight, and during the pilot week all members of staff became involved with the program for a local primary school (Imagine this: Rusty running around the hangar being an engine going ?Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow?).

The rest of the month has been preparing and putting together the kits required for operating the aircraft during the airshow season and trying to work out exactly what is required to take with us and what should be prepared ready to collect when and if required.

The end of the month gave the Engineers their first taste of meeting the general public during TVOC Forum Day; this is something they will have to get use to when we go onto the airshow circuit.

Well that?s all for this month folks, hopefully we should have some more exciting news in the next month or so. Be good and keep the faith we?ll be back where we belong soon!!!