Message from Keith Mans, Chainman VTST

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: General

Dear Supporter

After a phenomenal effort that included raising over £6million of the public?s money, XH558 took to the skies in October last year in a hugely successful first flight.
As mentioned by our Chief Executive in his message below, a number of significant efforts are being made to try to raise the funds needed to complete the test flights and to present XH558 at airshows across the UK later this year to a new generation.

However I have to let you know that the Trust has currently not reached the level of committed funding that it needs to complete the work required to prepare the aircraft for this year?s display season.

Under their Companies Act obligations, the Board of Trustees must have sufficient confidence that the levels of funding required will be forthcoming at the right time. The Trustees have decided, with the deepest regret, that unless such confidence is gained by the end of March, further activity by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust will for the time being be suspended.

So once again, we are dependent on the goodwill of others to ensure that XH558, the people?s aircraft, continues to fly. In August 2006, the public responded magnificently to our plea for support, and as the result, XH558 took to the air last October. Would you please join the Club and/or make a donation now to ensure that we are able to keep our promise to give XH558 back to you this summer?

Keith Mans