Movement of Discussion Forum

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: General

We have after extensive deliberation made the decision to move the discussion forum from the public to club area on the basis that in a recent poll on the forum 97% of the users identified themselves as club members
This decision has not been taken lightly by us. However of late there has been a vast amount of spurious, inappropriate, offensive and pornographic traffic on the public forum. This has necessitated a disproportionate amount of time being
spent monitoring entries.

We have therefore reluctantly taken the decision at this time to restrict the discussion element of the website to club members only.

When this is settled and running we will very shortly include the ability for those on the "Friends" database to access the forum.

There is a newsletter for Friends and Members at the printers now and will be arriving with you by the week commencing 11th February . I will arrange that your Membership and /or Friends number will be inlcuded prominently in the address,

The monthly engineering reports and all other web pages containing all the relevant news relating to the progress and activities of the project will remain in the public domain allowing you to follow the progress of XH558.

Rusty Drewett
Commercial Manager