XH558 servicing work

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Engineering

photo report on recent activities

Taff and his team of willing volunteers were up bright and early last Sunday morning, giving XH558 an early season bath, whilst also carrying out some servicing procedures in a programmed care regime that will stretch over the next few weeks ahead of bringing the aircraft out of winter hibernation.
All the tasks are taken from the RAF Vulcan Master Servicing Schedule and are designed such that the team can bring the aircraft back to full operational status as quickly as possible, while protecting all vital systems and engines in the meantime.
Last weekend, apart from the cleaning duties on the fin and tail, the magnetic chips in the oil sumps of each engine were checked as part of general engine-bay inspections, contacts on the fuel panels were cleaned, the crew entrance door checked and lubricated as were other systems like the undercarriage joints and door hinges. The major task was to ‘dry run’ (turnover) all the engines, using air provided by the Commer mounted jet turbine air starter that was restored by volunteers and is kept as part of the Cold War era display we intend to recreate once again in the new hangar.
A final job was to remove the braking parachute to inspect its storage bay.

A selection of images from the day is shown below.

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